Foundation Shoring                                                Micropile Installation

​HIGH SCALE ROCK BOLTING                                         rockfall mitigation

Soil nail walls

After excavation, soil nails are drilled, installed and grouted at specified intervals.  

Temporary shoring is typically used for safety purposes or where site constraints do not allow for safe slope layback.  A temporary soil nail system is then installed.  When the building or project is back-filled the soil nail system has fulfilled it's purpose.

The goal of a permanent shoring system is not only safety, but to permanently resist lateral earth movement against the structure.  This reduces construction time and cost through reduced footer widths and wall thickness.

Shotcrete is then applied to required thickness.  This joins the reinforcement and the soil nails to create a solid wall.


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Temporary vs. Permanent Shoring

Soil Nailing

Repeat as necessary until desired depth is achieved.

Next we install a reinforcement to strengthen the wall.  Drains are added at this time to prevent slough from water saturation.